Message Series

  • Oct 19, 2014

    Pastor Gary Simons
    After Tropical Storm Fay and Hurricane Gonzalo, Pastor Gary reminds us that just like physical storms, the spiritual storms in our lives have a reason and a purpose. 

  • Sep 28, 2014

    Pastor Gary Simons
    What if the detour is the only way to the destination? In this 6-week series we explore the life of Joseph and how his hardships ultimately lead to the fulfillment of his dreams.

  • Sep 21, 2014

    Pastor Todd Crews
    Pastor Crews, Associate Pastor at the Brooklyn Tabernacle reminds us what it means to be a Christian and why the early church were called Christians in the first place. 

  • Sep 14, 2014

    Pastor Eversley Lewis
    Our faith in God is demonstrated by not only our submission to Him but our submission to every human authority he has put over us. 

  • Sep 07, 2014

    Pastor Gary Simons
    Real people who found themselves trapped by their past, upbringing and circumstances - now ransomed by Jesus Christ. 

  • Aug 31, 2014

    Pastor Gary Simons
    God has designed the Christian life to be lived in community. The quility of our relationships with others often reflects the quality of our relationship with God himself. 

  • Aug 24, 2014

    Pastor Gary Simons
    God has entrusted us with His powerful message of salvation in order to share it with others. And when we do there is great rejoicing when one soul comes to know Him!

  • Aug 17, 2014

    Pastor Gary Simons
    God's way to the Promise Land isn't always a direct route. Sometimes God leads us between a rock and hard place in order to build our trust in Him. 

  • Jul 20, 2014

    Pastor Brian Pettrey
    It is through life's most trying times that we are called to rely on God's faithfulness. As we trust Him, He will bring purpose and meaning to our lives.

  • Jun 22, 2014

    Pastor Joshua Samuels
    Jesus' invitation to follow Him is open to absolutely everyone. Pastor Josh shares what this means for our lives.