Administration Team

The culture at Cornerstone is that each member serves in a ministry so that together we can accomplish the kingdom work that God has for us to do. We believe that God has uniquely equipped every believer with spiritual gifts, talents, abilities, resources and experiences to be able to sacrificially serve the needs of others.  As we serve, we discover the heart of God for others and gain a better understanding of our own passions and abilities.  This is how we serve one another and impact our community.

The Admin Team is responsible for data management through the church database. This includes registration of new students and recording attendance for Sunday ministries such as Bible Zone and First Steps Nursery as well as our Friday Youth Ministries; Sparks, Uplink and theSource.

In order to serve in this ministry, you must be a member of CBF or in the process of becoming a member.

The Admin Team works either on Sunday mornings on rotation or every Friday evening during the school term. 

Team members are asked to make a one year commitment to this ministry.

Click HERE to complete the Administration Team Serve Application form.