CBF Members Survey 2021

Please complete the survey using the following rating scale.

Strongly Disagree = 1    Disagree = 5     Strongly Agree = 10
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This is an anonymous survey and your answers will help us to serve you better. Please be sure to use the rating scale above and feel free to submit your name if you would like.
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1) Overall, I am satisfied as a member of CBF*
2) CBF cares about its members.*
3) I receive the information I need regarding church projects and decisions.*
4) I have a good understanding of the church’s mission and vision.*
5) CBF meets the spiritual needs of its members.*
6) I understand the process and requirements of becoming a church volunteer.*
7) I feel like I am part of a team helping to fulfill the church mission.*
8) CBF is welcoming to visitors and new members.*
9) I believe the church’s mission and vision drive decisions.*
10) I am provided with opportunities for spiritual growth and leadership. *
11) I believe CBF cares about the spiritual development of my family. *
12) I intend to continue my membership at CBF. *
14) Do you watch the Sunday Online Service?*
15) Would you attend an in-person small group?*
16) Would you attend an online small group?*

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