Cornerstone Kids Camp

Since 2005 Cornerstone Foundation has been running summer camps held on Grace Island for children between the ages of 7-10 (completed P2 through to P6). Camp is staffed with caring adult volunteers who prepare excellent healthy meals, lead challenging and interactive games, worship songs and gospel messages. Everything done for camp is meant to communicate God’s love for every camper. Kids experience activities such as tubing, cliff diving, fishing, snorkeling, crafts, games, and swimming. Many games are introduced to encourage team play and several individual activities create fun, positive conversation and build self esteem. Over the years we have built strong relationships with the community including parents, teachers, school counselors, Child and Family Services and other social agencies in order to reach and support a diverse population of children.

All staff 18 years and older must complete a police check (if this has not already been done through CBF).


SENIOR COUNSELORS (8 volunteers needed)

OVERVIEW: 8 counselors aged 18 years and older are responsible for groups of 6 to 8 children. Counselors sleep in the tent with the children, and although camp has lots of structured supervised times, counselors are required to participate in all activities with their campers. It is an incredibly rewarding experience as you see how God has used your sacrifice through the week to soften a child’s heart to a relationship with Jesus Christ.

ATTRIBUTES: Spiritually mature, friendly, enjoy children, reliable, engaging and enthusiastic, team player, and willing to participate in camp activities.

WHEN ARE YOU SERVING: Counselors serve each day and are required to stay on the island with the campers. Counselors are also required on the Sunday prior to camp from 2:30pm for orientation and set up.


JUNIOR COUNSELORS (8 volunteers needed)

OVERVIEW: 8 junior counselors aged 16 years and older are needed to help supervise groups of 6 to 8 children. These teenagers also sleep in the tent with the children and should be actively growing in their relationship with Jesus and recommended by their youth director or Cornerstone staff members.

ATTRIBUTES: Enjoys children, reliable, engaging and enthusiastic, team player.

WHEN ARE YOU SERVING: Junior Counselors serve each day and are required to stay on the island with the campers. Junior counselors are also required on the Sunday prior to camp from 2:30pm for orientation and set up.


KITCHEN (4 volunteers needed)

OVERVIEW: Kitchen staff prepare and serve 3 nutritious and filling meals for 80-90 children and staff per seating. A full breakfast, lunch and dinner with fresh vegetables and fruit is part of the campers everyday menu designed and served to say, “we love you and God loves you!”

ATTRIBUTES: Friendly, reliable, able to receive instructions, works well under pressure.

WHEN ARE YOU SERVING: Kitchen staff work early and long hours, however their busy schedule still fosters great fellowship and a few swimming and tubing breaks.


PROGRAM STAFF (4 volunteers needed)

OVERVIEW: This group is responsible for the planning and delivery of the camp program. This includes procuring supplies, scheduling activities, games and other fun activities that support a camp theme. Program staff set the mood and atmosphere of camp and are able to efficiently move camp activities from one location to another. Each member of the team must be able to work independently to execute a game or activity that has been planned by the group. This group requires a team leader able to organize, encourage and oversee the team.

ATTRIBUTES: Responsible, attention to detail, good communicator, able to give precise and clear instructions, able to execute an activity efficiently.

WHEN ARE YOU SERVING: Program Staff serve each day and are required to stay on the island with the campers.


CRAFT SUPERVISOR (1 supervisor & 3 volunteers)

OVERVIEW: Craft time is an activity enjoyed by the children, counselors and even staff! Craft time is daily from 2-5pm. The craft supervisor plans and recommends age appropriate crafts for the camp, selects and organizes daily crafts and oversees craft time volunteers.


Supervisor: Organized, reliable, team player, good communicator.

Volunteers: Engaging and enthusiastic.

WHEN ARE YOU SERVING: Craft supervisors are responsible to oversee 3 hours of craft activities each day. They are not required to stay on the island.


STUDENT WORK TEAM (SWT) SUPERVISOR (2 volunteers needed)

OVERVIEW: A team of 6 teenagers wash dishes, clean bathrooms as well as doing a number of other tasks for camp. Supervisors are required to train and keep this group on task. This is considered a mentoring role requiring the supervisor to lead and encourage a team of young teenagers to develop a good work ethic and respect for authority. The supervisor should do a daily devotion with the team and encourage good fellowship.

ATTRIBUTES: Spiritually mature, able to lead by example and supervise.

WHEN ARE YOU SERVING: SWT Supervisors serve each day and are required to stay on the island.


STUDENT WORK TEAM (SWT) 6 volunteers needed M3 age or older.

OVERVIEW: Student Work Team members are needed to perform various clean-up and support tasks. These teenagers should be actively growing in their relationship with Jesus and recommended by a youth director or pastor.

ATTRIBUTES: Reliable, teachable, a team player.

WHEN ARE YOU SERVING: SWT members serve each day and are required to stay on the island.


SHUTTLE BOAT DRIVERS (2 volunteers needed)

OVERVIEW: Mature boating staff is needed to safely shuttle persons back and forth from the camping island to the mainland as well as run errands etc.

ATTRIBUTES: Experience operating boats, friendly, reliable and safety conscious.

WHEN ARE YOU SERVING: As needed, however, at least one emergency shuttle is required at camp at all times.


TUBING BOAT DRIVER (1 volunteer)

OVERVIEW: Mature boating staff is needed to safely deliver a dynamic and fun water experience for the campers. Camp requires the use of a boat.

ATTRIBUTES: Experience operating boats, friendly, reliable and safety conscious.

WHEN ARE YOU SERVING: Tubing is done from 2-4pm on most days. Some flexibility is required in inclement weather.


AUDIO VISUAL SUPPORT (2 volunteers needed)

OVERVIEW: The Audio and Visual ministry provides technical support for our camp to ensure that all communication is dynamic, relevant and exciting.

ATTRIBUTES: Attention to detail, thorough, reliable, consistent, previous experience working with audio and visual technology.

WHEN ARE YOU SERVING: A/V is required throughout the day and evening and at least one A/V personnel should stay on the island; others can help on a rotation basis.


CAMP BREAKDOWN (10 volunteers)

OVERVIEW: At the end of the week we rely on a team of volunteers to breakdown the camp and ensure that supplies are adequately stored away for the next year. This involves packing up cots, carrying supplies to the dock, and loading and unloading boats.

ATTRIBUTES: Hard working, friendly, team player.

WHEN ARE YOU SERVING: This group is required on Grace Island from 8am-12 noon on the last day of camp, Saturday, August 24. This team will also be required at Albuoy’s Point on the same day until 1:30pm. Pick up and drop off is from Albuoy’s Point.


SECURITY (2 volunteers needed per night)

OVERVIEW: The safety of our campers & staff is very important to us. Security volunteers work in shifts of 2 persons and must secure camp ground from 7pm to 7am.

ATTRIBUTES: Reliable, attentive, confident.

WHEN ARE YOU SERVING: Members of this team must be available to do shifts from 7pm to 7am. Security staff can work 1 or more days and shuttled to mainland at 7am or they can stay on the island.


COOKIE BAKER (10 bakers needed)

OVERVIEW: Fresh homemade snacks and cookies are provided to campers and staff throughout the week. 80 dozen cookies are required = 8 dozen cookies needed per baker.

ATTRIBUTES: Must be a good baker.

WHEN ARE YOU SERVING: Cookies should be delivered in durable, labelled containers to Albuoys’ Point Sunday afternoon, Aug 18 at 2:30pm or Monday, August 19 at 9:30am.


PHOTOGRAPHER (1 to 2 volunteers)

OVERVIEW: While our campers are creating many memories during the week, we want those memories to continue long after camp is finished. We provide each camper with a personalized photo book that gives each child a way of sharing the camp experience with family and friends.

ATTRIBUTES: Attention to detail, thorough, reliable, consistent, previous experience with photography.

WHEN ARE YOU SERVING: The photographers are provided with a camp schedule and work independently to some extent as they commute back and forth to the island. Some coordination is required with the shuttle boat schedule.


MEDICAL SUPPORT (2 volunteers needed)

OVERVIEW: We are seeking qualified and or experienced medical staff to oversee the overall health and safety of our campers. All medical supplies are provided on site.

ATTRIBUTES: Experience caring for the health of others, friendly, enjoys children, reliable, team player.

WHEN ARE YOU SERVING: A medical staff member is required to be on the island at all times. If you are able to volunteer for the full week or a shift of 1 or 2 days please call the church office at 295-9640.

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