Our Mission

our mission


Cornerstone is a diverse community of believers that have been rescued by the gospel of Jesus Christ. We seek to rescue others with this same Good News, to provide opportunity to connect in meaningful relationship, to constantly grow in faith, to sacrificially serve others with our gifts and to honor God with our lives.

The fulfilment of all these purposes rests upon an uncompromising foundation of dependency on the Spirit of God in prayer.


We believe that God created every person with the capacity to relate to Him. However, as a result of sin, the human race has been disconnected from this relationship with our Creator and we each face the reality of an eternity separated from God. In His grace, God has provided a way for us to be in relationship with Him through His Son, Jesus Christ. As believers, God now calls us to actively share this Good News with those in our circle of influence.


God designed us to live in spiritual community with each other and not in isolation. God’s church is made up of a diversity of people connected together in one purpose by His Spirit.   True fellowship happens when we are known, cared for, held accountable, and encouraged by fellow believers. At Cornerstone, spiritual community is cultivated through small groups and ministry teams. Being connected in genuine fellowship is the building block of our church. Only when connected with other believers can we truly grow, serve and honor God, as He intended.


The word “disciple” means follower. Discipleship is a lifelong process of following Christ. From the moment a person first trusts in Christ, we see it as our responsibility to come alongside and disciple them to maturity through one on one discipleship and in small groups. Through creative and practical teaching of God’s Word, with an emphasis on application, we seek to teach others to depend on the Holy Spirit while constantly growing in their faith in Christ.   We believe God desires intimacy with every believer and so strive for spiritual maturity through personal Bible Study, prayer and devotional time while demonstrating love for Christ by obedience to God’s Word.


The culture at Cornerstone is that every individual serves in a ministry by getting involved in a team that is working together with a shared mission. This is because we believe that God has uniquely equipped every believer with spiritual gifts, talents, abilities, resources and experiences to be able to sacrificially serve the needs of others. 

As we serve, we discover the heart of God for others and gain a better understanding of our own passions and abilities. As we are able, we seek to match a person’s giftedness to an appropriate service opportunity so that every believer is operating in his or her area of strength. As our various gifts are used in unison and offered to God, He works through us in a unique way to meet the needs of one another and impact our community.


We worship God for who He is and honor Him with our lifestyle.  God has called us to worship Him in every aspect of our lives which includes meeting together to praise Him in song, prayer, and financial giving.